Book Review: Wanting Mr. Wrong

Wanting Mr. Wrong
Published By: Random Romance/Random House Australia
Publication Date: February 2, 2015
Page Count: 195
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New Adult/Adult Romance

We are very pleased to be part of the Wanting Mr Wrong blog tour. Yesterday’s stop, Culture Street, featured a Q&A with Avril Tremayne. Tomorrow, the tour will move onto Inside My Words.

22 year old Evie Parker is not swayed by celebrity. She’d much rather date a scientist than a movie star, so when Jackson J Stevens, her best friend’s brother and international movie star, starts flirting with her, she knows she’s not interested. However, Jackson is persistent and despite knowing he’s not her type, Evie finds him difficult to resist. Happy to spend a night together and get it out of her system, Evie doesn’t think it could possibly lead to anything serious, but Jack wants more. It’s not easy to date a celebrity when you have a paparazzi phobia, can Evie and Jack make it work? Could Mr Wrong be Mr Right after all? 

 Set in Sydney, Wanting Mr Wrong is a cute, romantic comedy on the surface, but look beyond the frothy romance and there are some serious issues being dealt with. Evie was badly treated and exploited by her previous boyfriend, and it takes a lot for her to open up and trust anyone again. She also feels like the under achieving member of her family, and so compensates by being attracted to “worthy” men. She doesn’t see herself as particularly attractive, so doesn’t understand why Jack, who’s a movie star for goodness’ sake, would have any interest at all in her. These combined insecurities lead her to treat Jack in a fairly callous way, and like any good rom-com, the characters must work to overcome these issues. 

 The supporting characters are well rounded, and Jack himself is a swoon-worthy romantic lead. The chemistry between the leads is undeniable and the love scenes are suitably steamy. Evie can be a little frustrating, and at times I wanted to give her a bit of a shake, but that doesn’t stop this being a great read. 

 Recommended for those who enjoy an engaging romantic read with super-hot chemistry between the leads. 

 Trigger warning: Those who find reading about baby/pregnancy loss difficult may wish to avoid this book if they are feeling particularly vulnerable.

Wanting Mr Wrong is an irresistible rom com about a girl who refuses to fall for the man the whole world is in love with. Evie Parker has never been one to swoon after celebrities - give her a neuroscientist over an actor any day! So when she develops her first movie-star crush, she's determined to date her way out of it, starting with the next good-looking doctor she sees. Yet hovering on the fringes of her life is her gay best friend's determined brother, Jackson J Stevens, a famous actor who comes with trailing paparazzi. The one thing worse than a celebrity in Evie's eyes is a media circus, so Jack isn't an option no matter how hard he flirts with her. Evie knows what she doesn't want; Jack knows what he does. And somewhere in the middle, pheromones are making things go haywire every time they're together.

About The Author

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Avril Tremayne took the scenic route to becoming a writer, having tried her hand at shoe selling, nursing, teaching and public relations. Along the way, she also studied acting, singing, pottery, oil painting, millinery, German and Arabic - with very mixed results. She figures it's a perfect background for telling romantic stories. She is a committed urbanite, and lives in Sydney, Australia, where her husband and daughter try to keep her out of trouble - not always successfully. When she's not writing or reading, Avril can generally be found eating - although she does not cook - drinking wine, and obsessing about shoes!


  1. Sounds like a delightful romance! I have not read a lot based in Australia, so that entices me too!
    Great review!

    1. There are some great YA and NA books coming out of Australia at the moment, I'm so glad I get to share them with a wider audience :)

  2. I loved this story; it's entertaining, funny, smart, touching, romantic--everything you want in a good romance novel. Great new author. She hasn't been published for long, but has several books out. I have really enjoyed them all. Search them out--you won't be sorry!

    1. I'll definitely keep an eye out for other books by this author. Thanks for commenting!


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