Cover Crazy: Let the Wind Rise

The purpose of Cover Crazy is to feature a cover each week for us to admire its beauty. I really like this idea since there are so many great covers out there! Cover Crazy is a meme that was started by The Book Worms.

This week I'm featuring
Let the Wind Rise by Shannon Messenger

This book is the conclusion of a series that I've loved from the beginning. The original covers were beautiful, but all three titles get a new look with the introduction of book 3.

Vane and Audra are a great YA couple, and I love seeing them together on this cover, battling for the good of their people. I like that the image is so fierce, while the title font is flowing and beautiful. The absence of a lot of bright color brings attention to the wind spike Vane is wielding, marking his arrival in the series as a real power player. 

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  1. Cool cover! I like the adventure feel of this one, but I do love the original covers as well.


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