Book Review: Salem's Fury


Salem’s Fury (Vengeance Trilogy #2)
Author: Aaron Galvin 
Published by: CreateSpace Publishing 
Publication Date: 13 April 2015 
Page Count: 260 
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Audience: Young Adult – Historical Fiction 

Aaron Galvin delivers another amazing and fast-paced story in the Vengeance Trilogy with his second installment, Salem’s Fury.

Salem’s Fury takes place fifteen years after Salem’s Vengeance and is seen through the eyes of Rebecca, the younger sister of Sarah, who was the main character in the first book. She and her family were adopted by a Miamiak tribe and she grew up learning their ways, embracing life with them. Soon, however, Rebecca realizes her family can never outrun the past or the murderous, devious ways of their father. “Witches,” along with Indians under their sway, attack and destroy their village, kill most of the tribe, and capture others including Rebecca. She is able to escape her captors and get to her brother’s house to warn him before the witches arrive. When they do finally appear, a battle unlike any Rebecca has ever experienced rages around her, changing her life forever once again.

I admit I was slightly disappointed that Salem’s Fury did not continue with Sarah’s and Priest’s story as it was just starting to blossom, but once I started reading, I was hooked. Because Rebecca was just a young girl when the first book took place, she grew up very different from Sarah among the Miamiak tribe. In ways, she was braver than her older sister, freer to do as she wanted, not bound by the Puritan society. Rebecca was able to do much more than Sarah, who couldn't let go of her Puritan upbringing, and I respect Galvin for understanding that with his story, for knowing his characters.

I have always had a fascination with Native American history; I’ve read many historical fiction stories about them. I enjoyed reading Galvin’s story of the Miamiak and the surrounding tribes; reading about the battles and struggles they went through with these other tribes and even the invading white men. He intertwined the witches of Salem with the Indians quite smoothly in a very memorable, intense story. Galvin is a very talented author, he does the research required for a book such as this. It was so easy to imagine what he was saying on the pages: the strife among the people, the hatred that engulfs so many of them, the everyday lives of the Miamiak tribes, and so much more. The imagery was beautiful, even the battle scenes.

You could feel the passion and love Rebecca had for her family, blood and adopted. You found yourself embracing everything right along with her, not just the love, but also the pain and hatred. The characters were all so well developed, staying with you even when the book is finished. I love seeing characters come to life on the page. And I admit to bawling like a baby when a character I fell in love with died, but I have always said that a good author is one who is willing to make sacrifices.

The book had me entranced from the beginning. It was a thrilling read, that didn’t often slow down. I cannot wait to read the conclusion to this trilogy, Salem’s Legacy.

One Last Thought: As I stated for the first book, this is pretty violent in certain parts, so I wouldn’t recommend it for younger teens.

Favorite Thing About This Book: I love the passion that Rebecca has for everything: her family, her adopted father, the people who took her family in and raised her, the way of life she has grown up in, even the revenge she wants for that life destroyed.

First Sentence: My freedom hails with the wild.

Favorite Character: Rebecca

Least Favorite Character: Mary Warren 

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Sarah Kelly fears a father’s sins are revisited upon the children.

Her sister believes different. Adopted by the Miamiak and raised in the wilderness, Rebecca shares no such concerns. For her, memories of their early life and of Hecate’s attack remain dim. But history condemns those who neglect the past.

When a war party brings news of a neighboring tribe attacked for harboring white folk, they demand the Miamiak aid in avenging their fallen brothers. With rumors the culprits were held in sway to a fearless witch on the rampage, Rebecca must decide whether to guard those she holds dear or seek vengeance upon a forgotten shade of Salem.