Teaser Tuesday: Aimee and the Heartthrob, Ice Like Fire, & The Actor and the Housewife

Teaser Tuesday is a weekly feature, hosted by MizB of A Daily Rhythm.

They each had their own way of coping with stress. Miles wasn't usually the calm one. The fact that he was quiet was probably the biggest sign of nerves.

~ Aimee and the Heartthrob by Ophelia London, Kindle Location 449-452 (ARC)

"Don't make me hit you in a library."

~ Ice Like Fire (Snow Like Ashes #2) by Sara Raasch, Kindle Location 3489 (ARC)

She had one of those babyish voices with a high pitch and a narrow tone. Becky adored it, specially when her language turned blue. Of course Becky couldn't approve of vulgarity in general, but when Melissa got to swearing, Becky just wanted to pinch her cheeks. Sometimes she wondered if Melissa's voice was actually the driving source of her rebellion. What if you had a soul forged in fire but a voice cut from felt and feathers?

~ The Actor and the Housewife by Shannon Hale, pg. 30


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