Book Review & Giveaway: Every Word

Every Word (Every #2)
Published By: Tundra Books
Publication Date: September 8, 2015
Page Count: 352
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Source: Purchased by reviewer (Australian edition)
Audience: YA - Crime/Romance

I am so very happy to be part of the blog tour for Every Word. It's the second of a three book series by Ellie Marney, featuring Rachel Watts and James Mycroft. The tour runs until the 20th and there are 5 stops each day, so there's plenty to sink your teeth into. I loved these books when I read them earlier this year, devouring the series in a week. I also love Ellie Marney, who is a great Australian author and an absolutely lovely person (I loved the books first though!).

Mycroft is a modern day Sherlock Holmes, obsessed with forensics and police procedure. Seven years earlier his parents were killed in a car crash in England and he came to Australia to live with his aunt. Rachel is a country girl forced to move to the city.  By the time we find her in Every Word she has come to terms with the move and is starting to feel at home in Melbourne, but she's still a country girl at heart.  

Every Breath, the first in the series, sees Watts and Mycroft solving the murder of Homeless Dave, one of Mycroft's friends. Along the way they move from being just friends to something more. 

In Every Move, Mycroft has a part time job in a forensics lab and things are going really well, until he hears of a carjacking that's eerily similar to the one that killed his parents and scarred him so badly. When he heads off to London with his boss without telling her, Rachel is furious and hurt. But she's also worried. Mycroft is heading back to where his parents were killed, and he's not the most stable of people. Rachel knows she has to do something, even if it's completely crazy, so she jumps on a plane and chases after him.  

What should be a simple investigation is anything but, and Watts and Mycroft find their relationship in meltdown and their lives in danger. Can they stop the criminals before they become the next target?

The combination of crime and romance work so well in this series. The chemistry between Watts and Mycroft is red hot, and the murder mystery will keep you guessing. One of the things I love about this series is that although the characters are 17, they're taken seriously. That might not happen too much in the real world, but isn't it all any of us wanted at 17? For the adults in our lives to listen to us and respect our viewpoints?

Although it's the second in the series, there is enough background to read this as a stand alone. I would recommend reading Every Breath first, just because it's brilliant, but Every Word won't disappoint if you're reading it on its own.

I originally read this in April, and revisiting it again for this review just reminded me how much I love these characters. Go read it now, you won't be disappointed.

James Mycroft has just left for London to investigate a car accident similar to the one that killed his parents seven years ago...without saying goodbye to Rachel Watts, his 'partner in crime'.

Rachel is furious and worried about his strange behaviour - not that Mycroft's ever exactly normal, but London is the scene of so many of his nightmares. So Rachel jumps on a plane to follow him...and lands straight in a whole storm of trouble.

The theft of a copy of Shakespeare's First Folio, the possible murder of a rare books conservator, and the deaths of Mycroft's parents...Can Watts help Mycroft make sense of the three events - or will she lose him forever?

Sparks fly when Watts and Mycroft reunite in this second sophisticated thriller about the teen sleuthing duo.

We have one copy of Every Word to give away to our readers. This giveaway is open to residents of the US and Canada. You must be 14+ years of age to win. Those under 18 need parental permission to enter. 

The giveaway runs from November 16-23. Winner will be notified via email on November 24.


  1. I loved this book as well. Glad to be on the tour with you.


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