A Minor Change...

For the next few months, we will only be running reviews Monday-Friday. I'm expecting a baby in March and am cutting my reviews back to once a week and then taking a bit of a break once my little one arrives. The rest of the Larks will be holding down the Nest while I am tending to a newborn. Once I get back into a new routine of being a Mom and a Lark, we may add Saturday reviews back in to the posting schedule. There also may be weeks where we don't have a review every week day. It will depend on the reading stamina and schedules of the other Larks. I'm hoping to be back to full review speed by June, but as this is my first baby, we shall have to wait and see.


  1. We will take good care of things for you, Momma Lark. :D

    1. I know you will. The Larks are the best. :)

  2. Happy baby!! Wishing you lots of fun times with your new little one.


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