Book Review: Industrial Magic

Industrial Magic (Women of the Otherworld #4)
Published By: Bantam Spectra
Publication Date: October 2004
Page Count: 528
Source: Purchased by Reviewer
Audience: Adult - Paranormal

Industrial Magic picks up a few months after Dime Store Magic ends. After suffering numerous frustrations and prejudice events, Paige Winterborne has packed up Savannah and moved to Portland, Oregon. The change of scenery has been good for both of the them and both seem content with their new existence, but not having a coven still nags at Paige. In the beginning of the novel, Paige is seeking to convince witches to join a new sort of coven with her at the helm, but this plan is quickly abandoned when Paige's sorcerer boyfriend, Lucas, requests her assistance tracking down a supernatural killer who is targeting young people associated with the Cabals.

As much as Paige would like to avoid anything to do with the Cabals - particularly the Cortez Cabal led by Lucas' father - she can't walk away when a teenage witch is attacked in Atlanta. This leads her and Lucas on a wild adventure through Miami, Atlanta, Cincinnati, and New Orleans. They must hurry before the killer adds more bodies to his count. The mystery in this one was action packed and compelling. It kept me guessing. I won't spoil the plot for you, but I do enjoy the way Kelley Armstrong's mind works. Her paranormal mysteries are some of the best out there.

In addition to Paige, Lucas, and Savannah, characters from previous novels like Adam and Cassandra make appearances. My heart did a little jig when Clay, Elena, and Jeremy also took part in the plot. I have missed the wolves something fierce. Clay and Elena will always be one of my favorite literary couples, but even on their own, they are characters I love dearly. It's always nice to spend time with them.

Industrial Magic also broadens the series by introducing a new character, Jaime Vegas, a necromancer who provides much needed assistance to Paige and Lucas. I wasn't sure I liked Jaime at first, but eventually she grew on me. I'm sure we'll see more of her in future books. Jaime fits right in with the other strong female characters in the series. I love the strength and courage of these women. They are smart, brave, and can totally kick some tail.

Furthermore, I understand the Cabal structure a lot more after reading this one. They seemed like such a sinister and nefarious organizations in the previous book, but there is so much more than that. In many ways, they are benevolent and provide protection. I didn't like their prejudices against witches and vampires, but I was shocked to find that I didn't loathe the Cabal characters like I thought I would. 

My only complaint is the first half of this novel moved a little slow compared to the second half. Once I hit the 50% mark, I couldn't stop reading, but it took me a time to get immersed. As much as I enjoy Paige and Lucas, I just don't find myself as enthralled with them as I get with Clay and Elena. I did like Industrial Magic more than Dime Store Magic though.

Overall, I enjoyed this installment and appreciated the character growth and development of relationships. I'm excited to read the next installment. I am rationing myself in spite of the length of this series because I know this will one will sting when it's finally over. I want to draw it out as long as possible. I am happy that I don't have to wait for each book to be released. That would be more tortuous than the rationing. Seriously - if you're a fan of the Bitten tv show or just love paranormal stories - this is a must read series. 

One Last Gripe: Paige and Lucas' stubbornness concerning accepting help and resources was irksome.

Favorite Thing About This Book: Clay's moments - it always go back to Clay - sigh

First Sentence: "Got another CSI question for you," Gloria said as Simon walked into the communication hub with an armload of papers.

Favorite Character: Clay

Least Favorite Character: Hector

Kelley Armstrong returns with the eagerly awaited follow-up to Dime Store Magic . Paige Winterbourne, a headstrong young woman haunted by a dark legacy, is now put to the ultimate test as she fights to save innocents from the most insidious evil of all…

In the aftermath of her mother's murder, Paige broke with the elite, ultraconservative American Coven of Witches. Now her goal is to start a new Coven for a new generation. But while Paige pitches her vision to uptight thirty-something witches in business suits, a more urgent matter commands her attention.

Someone is murdering the teenage offspring of the underworld's most influential Cabals—a circle of families that makes the mob look like amateurs. And none is more powerful than the Cortez Cabal, a faction Paige is intimately acquainted with. Lucas Cortez, the rebel son and unwilling heir, is none other than her boyfriend. But love isn't blind, and Paige has her eyes wide open as she is drawn into a hunt for an unnatural-born killer. Pitted against shamans, demons, and goons, it's a battle chilling enough to make a wild young woman grow up in a hurry. If she gets the chance.