Mini Reviews: Coloring Dream Mandalas & Coloring Ocean Mandalas

In lieu of my Throwback Thursday post today, I decided to focus on a throwback activity of sorts that is making a resurgence among adults - COLORING! I loved to color as a kid and just seeing a coloring book makes me all nostalgic. When this craze began I was swept up in it like many others. I love finding new books with beautiful designs. Today I'm going to focus on two beautiful coloring books graciously provided to me by Ulysses Press.

Coloring Dream Mandalas by Wendy Piersall
Publication Date: June 30, 2105

I received this one first and couldn't wait to get started. I love the whimsical and mystical designs in this one. There are a variety of pages to color. My favorite thing about this one is that the images are not on the front and back of the page. This means I can use markers instead of colored pencils if I so choose. Typically, I can't use markers because many coloring books have images on both sides of the page and markers tend to bleed through. My favorite image in this one was of a woman in a flapper style outfit surrounded by feathers. This coloring book is full of beautiful, creative illustrations that will provide you with hours of entertainment and stress relief.

Coloring Ocean Mandalas by Wendy Piersall
Publication Date: October 20, 2105

This one is my favorite of the two coloring books I was sent. I have long been enamored with the ocean and its beings - both realistic and mythical. Like the previous book, this one is jam packed with beautiful, detailed drawings that are only on the front side of pages. It's easy to use markers or colored pencils in this book as a result. A variety of underwater creatures, mermaids, and ocean quotations litter the pages. This is a lovely book to have in your coloring book collection and will help you pass the time as the dark winter days linger and your brain is wishing for a warmer climate. I plan to spend even more time with this beauty when my stress levels rise.


  1. How fun! My husband and I drew our own coloring book. It's called 'You Add the Rainbow.'


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