Magic Lamp Sunday 3/27/16

We discovered this feature at Ya-Aholic, where it ran on Fridays. It sounded like a fun addition to our lineup, but fits better here on Sundays. It's based on the basic Magic Lamp = 3 wishes idea. Since there are so many of us, though, we're just taking one wish each per week. 

If we had a Magic Lamp, we'd wish:  

Paula: I wish I had known in high school that some of the guys were just as awkward as I was. Inspired by Character, Driven by David Lubar.

Jen: I wish I could have dinner every night with all my close friends. Inspired by the cooking of Fritz, and the company of the Brothers and their Shellans in Blood Kiss by JR Ward.

Aimee: I wish I could experience a joined consciousness (and get myself back out of it). Inspired by Join by Steve Toutonghi.