Teaser Tuesday: Fear the Drowning Deep, Amy Snow, & Metaltown

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The sea did strange things to people. It played tricks on the mind. Its vastness hid things... Bodies. Secrets. The deadly bulk of icebergs.

~ Fear the Drowning Deep by Sarah Glenn Marsh, Kindle Location 188 (ARC)

"You believe in all of that, do you?" 

"I must. Why would anyone carry on if not? How could one keep one's spirits?" 

"So you believe not what you believe but what you need to believe. Would you say that makes you a fool, Miss Snow?" 

"On the contrary, I should say it makes me extremely practical."

~ Amy Snow by Tracy Rees, pg. 278

Soon as someone at Charity House died, they stripped them, recycled their clothes, and burned their bodies in the incinerators out back. She could smell it working even here. The charred, sour smoke dried out her nostrils. 

"I never knew all this was here." Chip dove into a pile as if he were being timed. Ty didn't tell him where the clothes had come from.

~ Metaltown by Kristen Simmons, pg. 69


  1. OOoh nice teasers! I still need to read Fear the Drowning Deep! Hope you all enjoy the rest of your read!

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