Book Review: Night of Cups

Night of Cups
Author: Mina Hepsen
Published by: The Studio
Publication Date: 25 October 2016
Page Count: 221
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Audience: Young Adult - Paranormal

Night of Cups by Mina Hepsen was a very enjoyable read. I love paranormal, and anything that has extra twists and puts their own spin on creatures of folklore get high marks from me.

The story is about Sarah, or Celine as those she meets believes her name is, a djinn hunter and seer. She is chasing a djinn when she is hit by a truck and wakes up in the hospital. She has a vision of the guy, a teenage boy, who hit her. To save him, she has to enmesh herself into Josh's life, enrolling in his school, and essentially never leaving his side. It doesn't cause her as much grief as she thought because she finds herself attracted to him, and unwilling to leave even if she could. Soon though, she realizes the djinn stalking Josh is a lot stronger than any she has ever faced before. There is also Ian, the mysterious guy who seems to be there to save her each time Celine finds herself in trouble. In the end, it takes everything she has to save herself and those she has come to care for.

Sarah/Celine's character is very intriguing with a harsh background. She suffered throughout her childhood with abandonment and abuse, and that hardship is reflected in the 17-year-old girl she has become.  I really liked her character, and found myself wanting to know more about her. The people she meets and becomes closest to are also interesting and entertaining customers. They each have their own unique and well-written personalities. You don't get too in depth into their backgrounds, but you get just enough to want more.

I like the idea of the djinns. I've heard of demons taking over bodies and even djinn draining the life from their victims (mostly these are from watching Supernatural), but never combining them together, and the author adding her own unique characteristics made them an intriguing creature and enemy.  It would be interesting to find out what Mina Hepsen took from research, and what she created from her own imagination. I love the creativeness of this new monster.

The imagery was great in this book. It was so easy to picture the characters, and the world they live in.  The rich and expensive academy the teens go to, the poshness of it all, including the stuck up and pompous students, was easily visualized. Hepsen is very good at descriptions, and it makes the story that much more enjoyable to read.

The story is left open in the end, though it could be a stand-alone book.  I am hoping Hepsen plans on returning to Sarah's world, and adding more to the story she has created.  I would love to find out more about the different types of djinn, and what happens to Sarah and her friends in the future.

One Last Thought: There are a few minor backstories that were left unfinished or unanswered. One is the mystery around Celine's friend, Melissa's love life and the hurt from it. I was hoping for a bit of clarity there, even if it didn't have anything to do with the main story plot.  Hepsen also leaves us with the confusion around Sarah's/Celine's name. Which one does she keep?

Favorite Thing about this Book: I like Sarah's/Celine's character. She is strong, has to be after the life she has lead, but I also love the vulnerability that shows itself on occasion. They are both what makes her character so likable.

First Sentence: It was hard to believe that no one noticed his yellow eyes.

Favorite Character: Celine/Sarah

Least Favorite Character: Samuel

Sarah was the name they gave her when she was abandoned with no memories.

Servant was what she was called by people who took her in.

Hunter was the reputation she earned among the bloodthirsty Djinn.

But when a devastatingly handsome stranger crashes into her with his silver jeep, she is forced to take on a completely new identity...

Star athlete and heir of a multimillion dollar company, Josh Beaumont was someone Sarah should never have crossed paths with. But after the accident, Josh insists that she move in with him until she recovers. Sarah is set on refusing the offer-- until she learns that Josh is being stalked by a Djinn more vicious than any she has encountered. A Djinn she doesn't know how to defeat.

And how can she hunt the creature when she has to deal with Josh's girlfriend, who sets out to make her life a living hell? What is she to make of Ian, the sharp-tongued outsider who keeps showing up wherever danger lurks? And what if her feelings for Josh prove to be the biggest risk of all?

Captivating and witty, Mina Hepsen's NIGHT OF CUPS is perfect for fans of Cassandra Clare and Jennifer Estep.