Book Review: Dare You

Dare You (Nikki Kill #2)
By: Jennifer Brown
Published by: Katherine Tegen Books
Release date: February 14, 2017
Genre: YA speculative thriller
480 pages
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Source: Galley kindly provided by publisher

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Nikki Kill just can't stay out of trouble. Even when the tempting forbidden boy is gone, and his menace of a sister is locked up. Even when her own long lost sister is dead and buried, and high school has wrapped up forever. Nikki finds herself drawn into situations where her synesthesia and her need to have things explained team up to create more trouble than she might be able to handle.
Nikki continues to be a girl who is both wise and street-smart beyond her years. She's certainly no damsel in distress, though she certainly finds herself in need of hand more than once. Nikki has a difficult time just walking away when she should, and an even more difficult time staying away from certain attractive males, even though she generally prefers the security of avoiding such entanglements. This girl is not to be messed with.

She certainly does get messed with, however, starting with the night of her high school graduation. She once again finds herself in quick-paced danger, and questions the motives of most of the people around her, left with few options to trust. Detective Martinez is still in her corner, even when she doesn't want him to be, and there is just enough sizzle under the surface to keep things interesting.

This series kind of walks the line between YA and adult mystery, since the MC is chronologically a young adult, but thinks and behaves more like a full grown woman. Even if YA isn't generally your thing, this series is worth giving a try.

In the second book of the suspenseful Shade Me trilogy, Nikki Kill becomes embroiled in another mystery where only her synesthesia can help her unravel the dark truth.

Nikki Kill didn’t realize that trying to find out who killed Peyton Hollis would tangle her in a web of dangerous family secrets that would rock her identity to the core. But now that Nikki knows the truth, the all-powerful Hollises want to frame her for Peyton’s murder. 

And now Nikki’s only chance at escaping the cold black bars of prison or the crimson grip of death is teaming up with the enigmatic Detective Martinez and relying on an ever-shifting kaleidoscope of clues....