Book Review: Unbreakable

Unbreakable (The Cupid Chronicles #1)
Author: Kallie Ross
Published by: 
Publication Date: 14 November 2016
Page Count: 313
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Audience: Young Adult - Paranormal

In Unbreakable, Kallie Ross addresses the loss of true love, helping others find it, and starting over, all in a new and unique story about the "real" cupids.

Evelyn died at the age of 19 by pushing her boyfriend out of the way of a speeding trolley.  Giving up her own life for his caused her to become a Cupid, rather than moving on to Heaven.  Now instead of going to college, she uses bow and arrow to pierce hearts with true love.  She soon realizes, however, that she is different from the other cupids.  She can also pierce the hearts of immortals: vampires, werewolves, gargoyles, fairies, other cupids, and more.  She is suddenly known throughout the supernatural world, and everyone wants her.  On assignment with her mentor, Andel, in New York City, Evelyn must not only get her targets to fall in love, she also has to fight for her life and those of her new friends.

This was an enjoyable story to read.  I really liked the ideas and concepts of the book.  I love the supernatural, and Unbreakable introduces us to a species not many people have read about.  I loved learning about the cupids of Ross's story.  I wanted more of them, more of what they do and their history.

The characters were very well written, and each unique and memorable in their own ways.  I loved the gargoyles.  They were so fun to read, their personalities each unique to their character and I wanted to get to know them better.  There is also so much more to the fairies than what was written.  You can tell the author has a lot more in store for them.

The book was written from third person point of view, going back and forth between Evelyn and Andel. Sometimes I found the switching back and forth, from one sentence to the next, hard to keep up with, but it didn't happen often.  There were several grammatical errors, and a couple inconsistencies, but since this was an uncorrected proof of the actual book, I'm hoping the editor caught them before the book itself was published.

I'm very interested in reading the continuing story of Evelyn and Andel, seeing their relationship develop, and getting to know the other immortals even more.  I wanted a lot more details and hope the following books will fill in the blanks.

One Last Thought: I was thankful that the author, Kallie Ross, added the novella, Evelyn,to the end of the book because if I hadn't read that first, I would have been confused when starting Unbreakable. I did, however, wish the story had started (or maybe another novella written) right before Evelyn's death. I think it would have added a deeper connection to her character.

Favorite Thing About this Book: I loved the creativity and unique plot line for Evelyn and the other cupids. Evelyn's differences from the rest of the cupids, makes it even more intriguing.

First Sentence: Heaven should be the end-all-be-all, most epic finale of your life.

Favorite Character: Evelyn

Least Favorite Character: Ben

Dying for the love of your life...

Evelyn Bowden thought her story was over. Little did she realize, it had just begun.

The heavens made her a Cupid-- a supernatural with the rarest ability. One that allows her to pierce both mortals and immortals with arrows possessing everlasting love. But Evelyn soon discovers Cupids fight a battle in a long fought war.

A duty to protect the purest form of love…

As Evelyn embarks on her first mission, helping a Gargoyle find his true love, she is exposed to the blurred battle lines between light and darkness. While an unknown threat proves it’s willing to do anything to get their hands on Evelyn and her arrows, the heavens send Andel Lambros to help protect her. She finds herself at risk of being distracted by her former mentor, Andel, a stunning Cupid with dimples hard to ignore.

Missing her mark could lead to a supernatural war...

Having no idea how powerful she is, Evelyn is forced to put everything on the line as she balances the fate of the world on the tip of her arrow. But will love conquer all once she hits her mark, or will all be lost in the end?