Teaser Tuesday: Speak Easy Speak Love & The Name of the Wind

Claude Blaine was one of Stony Creek Academy's finest, the sort of student who glowed. Admired by the boys, all the girls crazy over him. His family lived in London, and his ancestors were half royal or something, the type that had only ever been rich, whose wealth sank back so many generations their bones were practically diamonds. The type Benedick found utterly uninteresting and possibly contagious.

~ Speak Easy, Speak Love by McKelle George, Kindle Location 76 (ARC)

"How did things go?" 
"I'm to be whipped and admitted to the Arcanum." 
He looked at me curiously, trying to see if I was making a joke. "I'm sorry? Congratulations?" He made a shy smile at me. "Do I buy you a bandage or a beer?" 
I smiled back. "Both."

~ The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss, pg. 270


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