Book Review: A Far, Far Better Thing to Do

A Far, Far Better Thing to Do
By: Joelle Herr
Illustrated by: Lindsey Spinks
Published By: Running Press
Publication Date:  September 5, 2017
Page Count: 112

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Adult - Games & Activities

People read the classics of literature for lots of reasons.  The themes of these works transcend time, explore the human condition, make their readers more empathetic people, and help them absolutely slay at trivia games.  But what is a lit lover to do when (heaven forbid!) not actually in the mood to read?

Enter A Far, Far Better Thing to Do.  This delightful collection of activities explores the many facets of literature through a broad variety of activities.  Test your knowledge of literature and authors with themed multiple choice quizzes (Literary Lotharios, anyone?), sketch a character or setting from a classic novel (Jane Eyre's pre-wedding bad omen), or do some quick writing with one of the great opening lines of literature as your prompt ("One dollar and eighty-seven cents.  That was all.").  There are at least ten different kinds of activities available across a range of effort levels.  This book also has: literature themed mazes, dot-to-dots, and word finds; coloring pages; matching and classification activities; crossword puzzles, and more.

I had so much fun with A Far, Far Better Thing to Do.  I certainly didn't know the answers to all the questions, but I sure learned and laughed a lot as I went through the book.  My favorite specific activities were classifying which books were hits or flops when they were published, matching characters to their declarations of love, and figuring out which authors said which snarky things about another author's work.  The "Marry, Kill, Do" activities were amusing too.  I had to think pretty hard about some of those!

With the holiday gift-giving season coming up, this book is a literarily perfect gift for the lit lovers, English teachers, and librarians in your life.  I already have a list of people in mind who need this book!


Nothing captures the imagination quite like classic literature -- the warmth of Little Women, the mystery of Dracula, and the heart-racing suspense of Moby Dick have inspired generations of readers. A Far, Far Better Thing to Do pairs these treasured books with a witty, light-hearted sensibility, giving lit lovers 65 engaging activities to tease their brains and unleash their creativity. From word searches and connect-the-dots to coloring pages and quizzes, these charming activities infuse our best-loved texts with a fresh, modern spin and just the right level of challenge. A celebration of reading -- and readers -- A Far, Far Better Thing to Do is sure to delight bookworms of all ages!


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