Spring Break Over, Back to Regular Posting!

So, I'm a fairly new mom compared to the other Larks and I am still learning to balance my Mom life and my reading life. My kiddo just turned two a few weeks ago and I never realized how this would impact my reading. I thought Spring Break would be a great time to read multiple books like I did in my pre-Mommy days, but my little one had other plans for me. Add in an illness for me, a nephew in the hospital, a birthday party for the two year old, and my wedding anniversary, and things just didn't get done like I wanted. Everyone is better and I am hoping to get myself back on blogging track. Thanks for hanging in there! If you've been with the Larks for awhile you know this isn't typical, but I also know you understand that sometimes the blog needs to be put on pause while the Larks spend time with their families, work through stresses at our jobs, and deal with health concerns. I have several new reviews coming this week (I'm a bit behind, but slowly and steadily catching up) and other Larks are hard at work reading and writing.

Happy Reading!


  1. Mommyhood definitely absorbed most of my reading time when my kids were smaller. Audiobooks were my friends (great when folding laundry at night) and I always had a book in the bathroom. :)


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