Book Review: Make It Last (Bowler University #3)

Make It Last (Bowler University #3)
Published By: William Morrow Impulse
Publication Date: January 2015
Page Count: 352
Source: Purchased by Reviewer
New Adult - Contemporary

Make It Last is the final instalment of the Bowler University books, following the last of the friends beyond graduation into life after college. Cam finds that he can’t leave his unwell mother to start a fabulous new job in New York and he has to deal with the past he left behind him when he went to college, including the love of his life who cheated on him and broke his heart, Tatum. 

 This had some good characterisation, and I enjoyed the back and forth between Tate and Cam, but I was never terribly convinced by their separation as they got over it so quickly. Just one little sentence and all was forgiven... a little too easy for getting past years of hurt in my mind. I also found Tate’s decisions totally infuriating for much of the book. The one thing that totally annoyed me, and made me like this less than the two previous books in the series was the inclusion of the video game, Utope, which both characters play together. It is clearly a SIMS reference, and it irked me that they could do whatever they liked in this game without any of the usual rules of gaming. It was too unrealistic and cheesy for me. 

 All that aside, I still enjoyed reading Make It Last and it went down smoothly, and quickly. I enjoyed the New-Adult spin on the relationship, as you certainly get to find out how things go down with them behind closed doors, which added another element to the story.

After graduating from Bowler University, the last place Cam Ruiz ever expected to find himself is his hometown. A bad job as a bouncer and worry over his mom’s health make living in Paradise anything but. There’s only one thing that can make his return any harder—running into the only girl he’s ever loved. 

 Tate Ellison made a mistake when she was eighteen, one that cost her the best thing she’s ever had. She’s always hoped the regret of losing Cam would fade over time. Too bad it’s only grown. She took comfort in the fact she’d never have to face him again, so his presence in Paradise throws her for a loop. 

 The pull between them is instant and when the truth of what happened years ago tumbles out, they share a mind-blowing kiss...which leads to more. But the past has a way of repeating itself. When all the cards are on the table, Cam and Tate must decide what they are willing to do to make it last.