Cover Crazy - Amaryllis in Blueberry

Saturday was feeling lonely without a meme of her very own. I stumbled upon the Cover Crazy meme over at The Book Worms and knew it would be a perfect thing for Reading Lark to join. The purpose of Cover Crazy is to feature a cover each week for us to admire its beauty. I really like this idea since there are so many great covers out there!

This week we are featuring Amaryllis in Blueberry by Christina Meldrum which is being released on February 8th.

I love this cover because it brings to mind other books that I have read and loved. Immediately, Twilight and Wicked Lovely come to mind. I also love that the blues in the picture seem to match the title nicely. The flower petals floating down from the hand also captured my attention. I was drawn to their delicate nature; they also resemble tears falling. I wonder if this is symbolic of what is to happen in the book. The hand holding the blue flower also makes me think of a waterfall as well for some reason. What do you think of this cover?


  1. I am not sure my previous comment posted so here I go again - Love the cover its so pretty and here's an award for being so sweet.

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  2. That cover is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

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  3. @BLHmistress - We are honored to receive your Irresistibly Sweet Award. We always look forward to your visits and checking out what you have been doing on your blog. :)

    @Carissa: Thanks for stopping by Reading Lark!

  4. I do like this cover, but I think it looks a little more like an adult book than a YA book. I never would have thought of Twilight and Melissa Marr's book, but now that you mention it I think that's a perfect description. Nice pick and commentary!

  5. @Small Review: It is an adult book. I should have mentioned that in my post. I don't always pick YA stuff, but that does tend to be a lot of what I read.

  6. Gorgeous cover! I love bluee!:D

    here is my pick..


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