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  1. I agree with all the ones I know. (I have read the books.) But how can you be boyfriends with both Peeta and Gale? I mean, Katniss tried... didn't work out too great.

    1. I agree with what you said, Anonymous. Somehow while reading the books I did not know who to root for. There was a time that I liked Peeta and then liked Gale but then came the last book which got my head all muddled up. In the end, I thought Peeta would be a wiser choice for her. Somehow it was sad to hear that whoever she would end up choosing wouldn't be because of love or anything like that but because she would choose someone who she would likely to survive more with. Tsk tsk, Katniss. Survival over love, eh? It just made Katniss seem like a heartless girl, if you ask me. Just saying.

  2. Hi! I love this part of your blog. Actually, I thought about putting something like this on my book review blog if I had one but since I don't have time to make one, I don't think I can. There are so many men from fiction to die for. It is just hard to keep track of them all. Good luck with adding more to this list. ^_^

  3. Omg VALEK!!! He is totally my fictional husband! I LOVE him!!!!

  4. Hmmmmm no Adrian Ivashkov, Dimitri Belikov, Christian Ozera and no Gansey or Sam Roth.... interesting. *takes them all for self* :D


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