Book Blogger Hop & Follow Friday 3/11/11

Book Blogger Hop

"If I gave you £50 (or $80) and sent you into a bookshop right now, what would be in your basket when you finally staggered to the till?"

This is a great question! I wish I could do this right now. I think I would buy the following books right this second:

1. Tiger's Curse by Colleen Houck

2. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

3. Minding Frankie by Maeve Binchy

4. Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen

5. Falling Under by Gwen Hayes

Who are You the Boy/Girl, instead of You the Blogger?

I'm Andrea, the girl. I am a middle school Language Arts & Social Studies teacher by day. By night, I am an avid reader and novice writer. Currently, I am working on a ghost story set in Washington State. I'm married to a wonderful man who is my best friend and the mother to three gorgeous fur babies (2 dogs and 1 cat). I am a Southern girl who has been recently transplanted to the Pacific Northwest. I suppose you could say I'm a fish out of water, but I am enjoying seeing new things and experiencing a new culture. I enjoy thunderstorms, photography, and taking cruises to exotic locales.


  1. Wow! What a great question this week. I always peek at other people's book piles at the checkout link at B&N. That doesn't make me a voyeur, does it?

    The exhibitionist in me has posted my own bookstore shopping list -- and it's not as predictable as you may think!

    Hop on over to my blog for all the suspense and chills of my TBR list -

    Happy Hop Friday!

    Howard Sherman

  2. Almost all your choices are on my wishlist or my TBR list. You have good taste in reading material. :) Thanks for stopping by my hop...

    Ttyl and I hope you're having a great night! (^_^)

  3. Hi Andrea

    I am your newest follower.
    You have cat and 2 dogs. Do they live in peace?
    Because when I was child, my parents also have cats and dogs. But it seems not easy to keep both of them.

    It's All About Books

  4. Hopping through. I love the Pacific Northwest. I was born in Seattle but left too young to remember it. I'd move to Portland if I could. My mother is from oregon.
    My Hop

  5. I want to read Anna and the French Kiss--as well as Tiger's Curse, as you already know--too, Andrea! And I love photography!

    Thanks for hopping by Murphy's Library, this was my first time visiting you girls--and won't be the last one ;) It seems today I'm finding a lot of blogs made from 2 friends, just like me and Guta, and before today I've never found one like that LOL That's one of the reasons why I love the Hop and the FF, you always find great blogs around!

    Murphy's Library

  6. Thank you all for stopping by Reading Lark!

    @Aleetha - The fur babies do all manage to live in peace, but it took some time to get them to that point.

    @Alison - I miss the South, but I do love living in the Pacific Northwest.

    @Maeva - I am so glad you enjoyed our blog. I love owning this with my best friend and having other friends write for us. I agree that you find so many cool blogs through the Hop and FF.

  7. New follower here. Come on over and check out my book blog at


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