Book Review: The Betsy-Tacy Treasury

The Betsy-Tacy Treasury
Published By: Harper Perennial
Publication Date: November 2011
Page Count: 736
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Audience: Children's Classic

I never read the Betsy-Tacy books when I was a child, but I heard mention of them in another book I read earlier this year. When the opportunity to read and review this collection arose, I jumped at the chance. I was expecting something along the lines of Anne of Green Gables or Nancy Drew - these were the books that kept me company in my youth. I found that like my beloved titles, the stories of Betsy and Tacy were wholesome and heartwarming. Maud Hart Lovelace's writing is simplistic, but solid. I had to remind myself that the simplicity comes from the fact that these stories were written for children. Furthermore, these stories were originally written in the 1940's, so they have a different feel to them than modern children's books.

The Betsy-Tacy Treasury contains four books following the evolving friendship of Betsy and Tacy, two young girls who became fast friends at Betsy's fifth birthday party. Later on the duo will increase their ranks by adding Tib into the mix. Friendship and loyalty abound within these pages. I loved reading about the girls' antics and watching their friendship grow as they aged. You also can't help but love these girls. There is something so charismatic and special about each of them. I loved reading about their flights of imagination from flying around the neighborhood on a feather to daydreaming about the King of Spain. This collection of stories reminded me of the imaginative games of my youth and how life was so simple. Books like this make it possible to recapture that time in my life - if only for a few moments.

One of my favorite aspects of this book was the historical tidbits on Maud Hart Lovelace's life and her inspiration for the books. They always say that you should write what you know and Lovelace certainly does that. She uses her own childhood experiences and friendships in Minnesota to craft these addictive reads. I have no idea how I missed out on these classic stories as a kid. 

This collection would be perfect for anyone who was a fan of the series growing up or for young girls.

One Last Gripe: I don't have any complaints. I loved these quick, fun reads.

My Favorite Thing About This Book: I loved seeing some of my favorite authors comment and provide forewards on how this series effected their lives. Ann M. Martin and her Babysitters Club were a huge part of my reading life as an adolescent so seeing her discuss how she felt about these stories was really neat. I think sometimes I forget that authors are readers.

First Sentence: It was difficult, later, to think of a time when Betsy and Tacy had not been friends.

Favorite Character: Betsy

Least Favorite Character: I didn't have one.

The first four books in the beloved Betsy-Tacy series are ready to delight a new generation of readers—and to bring a grownup generation of readers back to the engrossing stories of their youth. Following the childhoods of Betsy Ray and her friends in the late 1800s and early 1900s, this handsome anthology collects the original Betsy-Tacy as well as Betsy, Tacy and Tib, Betsy and Tacy Go Over the Big Hill, and Betsy and Tacy Go Downtown. Forewords by Judy Blume, Esther Hautzig, and Johanna Hurwitz, and illustrations by Lois Lenski, will make readers of all ages feel at home in the imaginative life of young Betsy Ray as she awakens to the challenges and triumphs of her home in quaint Mankato, Minnesota.

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  1. Just joined you site today and so far I love it. I would love to start an amateur book blog, but I cannot write good reviews to save my life.
    I look forward to reading your blog, looks like we have a lot of books in common.
    I just started reading The Book of Lost Things By John Connolly.
    I am only on page 20 and am addicted. You should add it to your books to read.
    Thanks for the great site.

  2. @ Meghan - Thanks for stopping by and we're so glad you liked what you saw. We hope that you'll check back often. :)

  3. I read and loved the Babysitters Club books so I loved seeing Ann M. Martin's comment up there! I haven't read any of the Betsy-Tacy books but it sounds like I really missed out.

    Thanks for being on the tour!


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