Book Review: Spin

Published By: William Morrow
Publication Date: February 2012
Page Count: 438
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Audience: Adult - Chick Lit, Addiction

This book has been out in Canada for awhile, but it just hit shelves in the US this month. I had seen several great reviews singing its praises so when I was asked to be part of this tour I jumped at the chance. What I found within these pages is a glimpse into human nature and the life of an addict. Spin will take you on a fascinating journey complete with celebrities, rehab, and an amazing playlist.

One of the things that makes Spin such a compelling read is the main character, Kate Sandford. Kate is one of those almost thirty somethings who just can't seem to let her college years go. She keeps hanging out in the typical university age scenes and most of her friends are still in school. She wants to be a music writer, but she doesn't do much to help that goal become a reality. In fact, on the eve of the biggest interview of her life for a coveted spot at The Line, a music magazine, Kate chooses to get drunk with her friends and shows up hungover to the interview. Needless to say she blows her chance and her need for booze gets even worse. Things start to turn around for Kate when she's contacted by someone who works for The Line and a gossip magazine. He promises her the position she craves if she'll go to rehab to spy on the current "It Girl" and dish about it in a tell all article. Kate must decide what's most important to her - the truth or snagging her dream job.

I loved that Kate was so incredibly flawed. She maintains that she's only in rehab because of the article and she can't see that maybe she truly does have a problem with alcohol. As someone who has seen the effects of alcohol on a family member, this portion of the book really hit home. I can remember my uncle maintaining even in his various trips to rehab that he did not have an addiction. Luckily for Kate, she seems to have some moments of clarity and redemption. The book left me feeling that Kate was on the right path to fixing her issues and becoming happier. At the heart of this story is a girl who is unhappy with her life, but feels powerless to change it. In addition, Kate's sarcasm will keep you laughing in spite of the seriousness of the plot.

I also thought this was a compelling read because of its relevance. I couldn't help but think of the various young starlets who are on paths to self destruction. We see their stories plastered all over the internet and on the tabloids. Spin really made me stop to think about how celebrities are treated. Granted its an understood fact that as someone in the spotlight you lose the ability to be anonymous, but I really wonder what gives people the right to be so invasive. At what point does it become too much? I'm certainly guilty of reading the magazines that detail the lives of the rich and famous. I never stopped to consider how celebrities feel seeing those types of things printed about themselves. I don't think the average person would be too keen about seeing their dirty laundry aired in such a public forum.

Spin is compelling and well written. I've already put McKenzie's other works on my TBR List. I love that she is taking such modern issues and putting her own interesting spin on them. I also loved that this novel was littered with musical references and included a playlist at the end. As a music junkie, I always love these types of elements cropping up as I read.

One Last Gripe: I didn't like that Kate and her sister never really resolved their issues.

My Favorite Thing About This Book: I was really fascinated by the relationships in this one - particularly between Kate and Amber & Kate and Henry

First Sentence: This is how I lose my dream job.

Favorite Character: Kate

Least Favorite Character: Connor

Kate's To-Do List: 

1. Go to rehab 
2. Befriend/spy on "It Girl" 
3. Write killer expose 
4. Land dream job 

Piece of cake! 

When Kate Sandford lands an interview at her favorite music magazine, The Line, it's the chance of a lifetime. So Kate goes out to celebrate—and shows up still drunk to the interview the next morning. It's no surprise that she doesn't get the job, but her performance has convinced the editors that she'd be perfect for an undercover assignment for their gossip rag. All Kate has to do is follow "It Girl" Amber Sheppard into rehab. If she can get the inside scoop—and complete the thirty-day program—they'll reconsider her for the position at The Line. Kate takes the assignment, but when real friendships start to develop, she has to decide if what she has to gain is worth the price she'll have to pay.

Catherine McKenzie was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, where she now practices law. An avid runner and skier, she also sits on various boards and professional organizations, and has taught part-time at the McGill Faculty of Law.

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  1. Having a playlist to enjoy along with a good read is a great combination! Glad this one was a hit with you.

    Thanks for being on the tour.

  2. Sounds interesting. I do feel bad for some celebrities that get hounded by the press. Especially the 20+ year old women who are expected to spend 24 hours a day being good role-models for tweens.


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