Book BFF: Ali from Alice in Zombieland

Book BFF was created by Larks Andrea, Paula, and Jen to showcase some of our favorite ladies & was originally inspired by Book Boyfriend. We'd love it if you'd join us featuring your favorite Book BFFs and leaving links so we can check out your posts. We will be alternating between Book Boyfriends and Book BFFs on Thursdays. 

This week my Book BFF is Ali from Gena Showalter's White Rabbit Chronicles series.
My ideal image of Ali is Taylor Swift.

Given name: Alice Bell

Appearance: * tall (5'10")
* wavy white-blond hair
*big blue eyes
*her appearance is very different from her mom and sister, who are short brunettes.

Facts about Ali
* She is 16 years old
*Her father could see monsters, and would not allow the family out at night
*Her parents and sister died in a car accident 6 months earlier
*She is being cared for by the sweetest grandparents ever
*She grew up in Alabama
*She reads the Iron Fey series to distract herself 
*She likes to listen to Skillet and Red
*She is inexplicably attracted to the most dangerous (and hottest) boy in school

" 'Have you ever been in a fight?' With his free hand, he pinched a lock of my hair and rubbed the strands together. 'Because you look like something out of a fairy tale.' 'The wicked witch?' I couldn't help but ask. 'Please. The princess.' " ~page 99

" 'Are you trying to tell me that you've never been kissed?' I pressed my tongue to the roof of my mouth. He looked so dubious, and his tone had bordered on insulting. 'Yeah. So?' 'So, I'm shocked, that's all. You're. . . you.' In-sul-ting. 'Me?' I asked stiffly. 'Yeah. Hot,' he said. Wait. Me? Hot?" ~ page 155 

" 'Mackenzie was right. You aren't slayer material.' Before he had time to register my intentions, I threw a punch. My sore, swollen knuckles slammed into his cheekbone, thrusting his head to the side. Pain shot up my arm, but I bit my tongue to stop a moan. 'You were saying?' " ~ page 192

Why she's my Book BFF: 
Ali is gorgeous but doesn't know it, and when she's told, she doesn't care much. She is loyal to a fault, stubborn, and smart. She is not embarrassed to be exactly who she is. She is great at dishing the snark without getting mean, and is forgiving when others are less than patient and kind. Ali is the fictional counterpart to my college BFF Jenny. Reading this book was like going back in time and hanging with my bestie again.