Book Spotlight: She Came From Away

The Larks would like to welcome D. Edward Bradley to the Nest today. We are excited to spotlight his novel, She Came From Away. Be sure to check out the giveaway details at the end of this post.


After an unknown uncle leaves Riley Barnett his estate in Conception Bay, Newfoundland, Riley is lured from her university life in Toronto to Canada's east coast. Conception Bay seems to be a quiet, quaint town full of friendly townspeople. But Riley quickly discovers that her uncle's death is shrouded in mystery and secrets, and also realizes that not everyone in Conception Bay is happy to have her there.

With Paul Sutherland, an attractive and chivalrous local, and a few loyal friends by her side, Riley faces gunshots, break-ins, and worse in her new town. A story about love, friendship, and family secrets, She Came From Away is a chilling mystery from start to finish. 


Bibliographic information: 
ISBN ebook: 978-1-926760-90-2
Word count: 80,000
List price: $4.99
Published: Nov 5, 2012 by Central Avenue Publishing

About the Author

DEdward Bradley's fascination with foreign places comes naturally. Conceived in Nigeria, Bradley grew up in England and had an early career as a physicist in electron microscopy. After several years of research, he gained his post-graduate degrees from the University of Edinburgh in microbiology while satisfying his wanderlust by partaking in scientific expeditions around the globe. In 1974, Bradley immigrated to Canada and continued his research at Memorial University in Newfoundland. Since retiring in 1995, he has devoted his time to writing at his home in Kingston, Ontario.


The front doorbell rang. Riley jumped to her feet from a seat at the dining table, slopping her cup of coffee but averting disaster—just. She rushed down the bare wooden staircase from her two-bedroom, second-floor apartment. Riley had a thing about doorbells and telephones. If the person left, or the phone stopped ringing before she could answer, she wouldn't sleep until the mystery was solved, but this time she made it.

Riley blinked in the bright April sunlight as she came face to face with the postman, his Canada Post cap tilted back a little. He was holding a large bulky envelope with "registered" written all over it.

"Sign here, please."

"Who's it for?" she asked as the dark-haired young man offered a clipboard and ballpoint.

"Riley P. Barnett. I guess that's you."

Before shutting the door, Riley glanced at the big white envelope. It was embossed in dark red at the top left-hand corner with the words, "Corcoran, Corcoran and McGrath, Lawyers, 15 Water Street, St. John's, Newfoundland." The postmark was dated March 28, 1978, just a week earlier.

Returning to her seat at the small dining table, she pushed away the half-empty coffee mug across the well-worn, polished surface.

She stared at the letter in front of her. "Weird," she murmured and reached for a knife that had been left over from breakfast.

The wad of papers inside seemed to spread itself out on the table as if propelled by some unseen hand. The first document that caught Riley's eye was entitled "The Last Will and Testament of Thomas Frederick Gibson." 

We have TWO eBook copies of She Came From Away up for grabs. The winners will be able to choose their preferred eBook reader format. Thank you, Central Avenue Publishing, for providing the books for the giveaway. The giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY! In order to win you must:

* Be 18+ years old
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The giveaway runs from January 28 - February 4. The winners will be contacted via email on February 5.


  1. Being Canadian, the setting first called out to me. After reading the synopsis, I want to read the story for the mystery... oh, how I love a good mystery. :-)

  2. I do love it when there is so much going on underneath the "quiet, quaint town" facade. The title intrigues I must say.

  3. OOOh I do ;love a good mystery in a small down. There are always so many skeletons in those closets.


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