Book Boyfriend: Malachi Sokol

We decided that Thursday needed a little pizazz and stumbled on this meme while hanging out at one of our favorite blogs, A Book and a Cupcake. So we took ourselves over to The Unread Reader to see what it was all about and join the fun. We'd love it if you'd leave a comment if you participate in this so we can check out your book boyfriends as well.

My Book Boyfriend is
Malachi Sokol from
Sanctum - Guards of the Shadowlands Trilogy
by Sarah Fine

Malachi's Appearance

"He was fairly tall, but not bulky and huge like the others.  His chest was covered not with metal armor but with molded leather, buckled together at the shoulders and sides like a medieval bulletproof best, with a ridged collar that was higher at the back.  The same kind of leather covered his forearms and surrounded his legs below the knees.  He didn't wear a helmet or visor like the other Guards did, so I could see that he was young, not much older than I was.  He had olive skin and closely cut black hair, and the hint of a killer smile played at the corners of his lips while his dark eyes swept back and forth, assessing." p. 33-34 Sanctum

"His features were smooth and unlined, and yet somehow still carried that air of ferocity and defiance I'd observed before.  The deep voids of his eyes were surrounded by thick, black lashes and full of confidence and threat.  It was as if he'd already assessed my weaknesses and ticked off all the possible ways to kill me, so now he could relax and be friendly.  His was not a soft face, but it held a harsh, dangerous sort of beauty.  Dangerous being the operative word.  I reached out carefully to shake his hand, like I might pet a viper or a shark."  ~ p. 77 Sanctum

Who Does Malachi Look Like?

My image of Malachi doesn't really match any particular celebrity perfectly but perhaps the closest actor that could be MY Malachi would be Tyler Hoechlin.

Facts About Malachi

* Malachi Sokol is the Captain of the Guards of the Suicide Realm in the afterlife.

* He has been a member of the Guard for over 70 years.

* He was about 19 years of age at the time of his death.

* Before his death, Malachi's home was is Bratislava (Slovakia).

* He was trained to fight by 'friendly' soldiers in his hometown.

* His family was rounded up by the Nazi's and kept in Auschwitz.

* His brother Heshel sacrificed himself to save his younger brother.

* Malachi couldn't live with the guilt and knew his end was near anyway so he ran into an electric fence to end his own life.

* In the afterlife, Malachi was trained by Takeshi, alongside Ana.  Ana was like a sister to him.

* Malachi was extremely efficient in dispatching his opponents.
* He is chief enemy of the Mazikin.

* He was getting close to appearing before the Judge and possibly leaving the Suicide Realm when Lela showed up.

Quotes From/About Malachi

I held my breath, waiting for his mouth to descend on mine, wondering what it would feel like, terrified to find out.

"I know what you're doing," he whispered against my mouth.  I froze.  He stepped away from me nimbly, wearing an amused smile.  "I don't blame you for trying, but it's unnecessary.  And I'm afraid you've just won yourself a stay in the holding cell." ~ p. 93  Sanctum


"Really.  But you have to do as I say.  If we're together in this, you must follow my instructions or you'll put us both in danger.  You'll have to trust me.  Can you do that?"

There was always a catch.  If only he knew what he was asking.  I smiled sadly as I shook my head.  "Every time I've trusted someone, it's come back to bite me."

His brows lifted and his jaw tensed.  "Lela, who did this to you?" ~ p. 150 Sanctum


My hand trailed down to his chest.  I spread my fingers to absorb the heat and beat of his heart.  I half expected him to push me away.  Instead, he spread his arms and gripped the iron railing that surrounded us, leaving himself open, giving me control. ~ p. 195 Sanctum


Ana sighed.  "Look, I'm sorry.  I can't really afford to feel anything for Malachi.  I've known him for nearly four decades, and we've bled together, laughed together, and fought together that entire time.  He's like my brother.  But I can't care about him like one.  If I did, I might not survive it.  Can you understand that?  He's going to leave or he's going to get killed.  Either way, he's gone." ~ p. 240 Sanctum

He leaned until his face was inches from mine.  The look in his eyes was deadly.  "Tell me then," he said slowly, annunciating every word in his clipped, precise accent, "when in your life did you ever receive mercy?  Don't you deserve it as much as Nadia does?  Did that foster dad show you mercy?  Did the people at the detention center?  And what about me?  What about my family?  What about my people?  Didn't we deserve mercy?"
He laughed bitterly.  "Mercy is not a right.  Mercy is a gift from one to another.  It can't be earned..."  ~ p. 367-368 Sanctum


"But that's not how she looked at me.  She looked at me as if she saw something else inside me -- something wonderful, something worth knowing -- and she was the only person who could make it come out.  She taught me things.  She gave me things.  Amazing things.  A vision of myself -- different from what I had been, better, but still me.  I don't think I really recognized how she was bringing me to life.  It came so naturally to her."  ~ p. 403 Sanctum

Why Would Malachi Be My Book Boyfriend?

Ooooooohhhhhhh Malachi.  Can a character be both gentle and deadly rolled into one incredibly hot man?  Youuuuuu betcha!  He is fiercely protective of those he loves, yet he also sees the big picture so most of his decisions came from analyzing all the angles first.  Couple all that with his proficiency in defending you, I challenge you to resist falling in love with this man...just like Lela attempted to resist...and failed.