Teaser Tuesday: Catching Jordan, The Treachery of Beautiful Things, Safekeeping, & Descendant

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Besides,  I don't have time for guys, and if I suddenly were to start acting like a girl, the team might not take me seriously. And I can't afford to lose my confidence - because I'm the star of the Hundred Oaks Red Raiders.

The star Alabama will love on Friday night.

~ Catching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally, pg. 10-11

Jack leaned closer, his face strained, as if he weren't acting of his own free will. He reached out, his fingertips sliding into her hair, his palm cradling her cheek. Jenny's eyelids fluttered down and her breath hitched. The dragon let out an earth-trembling bellow and the spell shattered as danger reasserted itself.

~ The Treachery of Beautiful Things by Ruth Frances Long, pg. 136

In the bus station, announcements repeat over a loudspeaker.
"All passengers must submit to a security check before boarding. Travelers wishing to board must first present a completed travel request form. Please have a valid I.D. ready to show. There will be no crossing of state lines without prior government approval. We repeat. There will be no crossing of state lines without prior government approval."
This is madness.
This is the United States.
This doesn't happen here.
But it is happening.

~ Safekeeping by Karen Hesse, pg. 11

I've fallen completely, absolutely, and unchangeably in love with Kye. 

My throat clogs because I understand that this is it for me. The thing people spend their whole lives searching for. Maybe several lifetimes. The feeling poets write sonnets about. All the sappy love songs on the radio finally make sense. This is more than TV sitcom love, this is movie love. Storybook and fairy tale love. Except we're writing our own story.

~ Descendant by Nichole Giles, pg. 169


  1. Ooh nice assortment of teases! Haven't read any of these but hope you all are enjoying your read!

    Here's my Tuesday post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

    1. Thanks Jessica! I think we all are enjoying these reads!! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I LOVE Jordan and Treachery! I just read Treachery this year and I totally fell in love with it(:

    1. Awesome to hear that someone else has read Treachery! I'm quite liking it! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Catching Jordan, Descendant and The Treachery of Beautiful Things sound lovely!
    Safekeeping sounds intriguing.

    Freda's teaser

    1. Hope you add these to your ever-growing reading pile Freda! Thanks for stopping by!!

  4. Thanks so much for the mention of Descendant! Much appreciated.

    1. You're very welcome, Nichole! My review will go up tomorrow- I enjoyed the book!

  5. The Treachery of Beautiful Things sounds amazing. Great teasers!


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