Author Interview: Axel Avian

We are excited to welcome author, Axel Avian, to the nest today. He's here to discuss his novel, Agent Colt Shore: Domino 29.

Andrea @ Reading Lark: What inspired this novel?

Axel: The fantasies I’ve had ever since I was a kid and my need for an ongoing sense of adventure.

Andrea @ Reading Lark: What is your favorite thing about Colt Shore?

Axel: I love that Colt is learning his way through the novel and, literally, the world. He doesn’t have all the answers, not just about what to do, but to how to do it as well.

Andrea @ Reading Lark: If Colt could go on vacation anywhere in the world, where would he go?

Axel: Colt’s focus of study is countries that border the Mediterranean. I think he’d quite like to take a yacht around the Greek Islands. But maybe that’s just me?

Andrea @ Reading Lark: Why did you choose to write YA?

Axel: I myself love reading YA adventure books. In the best ones, the stakes are high, you learn interesting things, and the characters are specific yet universal. You identify with them. You can explore universal themes while moving fast through interesting places.

Andrea @ Reading Lark: Which of your characters is most like you?

Axel: Colt, when I was much younger. Although he’s better than I am at everything!

Andrea @ Reading Lark: What is your favorite bird? (This one is a Reading Lark tradition.)

Axel: Peregrine Falcon

About the Author

Axel Avian was born in West Sussex, England. His life changed overnight when his parents died under mysterious circumstances while the family was travelling through an Eastern Bloc country. Their paperwork and passports went missing, and Axel was named a ward of the state. He was sent to an isolated mountain boarding school. It was here he learned to take care of himself and become a canny fighter as he was often the target of the older boys. The school taught the boys survival skills. Axel became a talented skier and snowboarder. It was here Axel started writing stories at night, always in English, so no one else could read them. 

 When he was twelve, he was located by many working on behalf of his uncle, and given the opportunity to either return to his hometown or go to one of the European secondary schools run by an organization much like FALCON. He chose FALCON and never looked back. When he became an active agent at a young age, he transferred to a facility in the United States. 

 Axel has traveled the world for his work. To relax, he enjoys sky and SCUBA diving, fencing, rugby, hang gliding, horseback riding, and snowboarding. He reads whenever he can, and routinely trounces opponents on video games. He would also like to note that he is humble, easily amused, and occasionally very funny. 

 Since he is not (usually) an active agent these days, he thought it might be time to write some books in hopes of letting kids know they, too, can change the world.

About the Novel

When an ordinary kid learns he’s the heir to a secret agent dynasty, F.A.L.C.O.N puts him on a case to protect a famous rock group and find a missing journalist. Before he knows it, Colt Shore has gone from body guard to rock star to full-fledged agent when he learns that a human trafficking ring plans to kidnap a group of teenage girls. It will take more than his ingenuity and skills and a couple of cool gadgets to protect his new friends and rescue the captured girls before it’s too late.


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