Book BFF: Allyson from Just One Day

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This week my Book BFF is Allyson from Just One Day by Gayle Forman.
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My ideal image of Allyson is Alexis Bledel. Some smart studio exec needs to option this book for film, and get on casting her. 

Given name: Allyson Healey
Nickname: Lulu. Willem calls her Lulu because her appearance reminds him of silent film star Louise Brooks.

Appearance, as she describes herself: 
* dark hair
* dark eyes
* sharp features
* no curves, not much in the boob department
* She has a birthmark on her wrist, which she usually keeps hidden with her watch
*her hair was recently long, but she bobbed it and cut bangs in just before the book begins
Facts about Allyson:
* She is not a risk-taker. Her impromptu trip to Paris is very out of character.
* She is not a rule-breaker. Even though she is 18 and legal to drink in Europe, she has spent a three-week tour avoiding alcohol.
* She is an excellent student, and plans to study medicine.
* She is a planner. She knows her plans for the future, and makes lists, and follows both.
* She is not accustomed to being noticed as beautiful, but is noticed twice within minutes of arriving in Paris

" 'I think you're the sort of person who finds money on the ground and waves it in the air and asks if anyone has lost it. I think you cry in movies that aren't even sad because you have a soft heart, though you don't let it show. I think you do things that scare you, and that makes you braver than those adrenaline junkies who bungee-jump off bridges.' " ~ Willem, page 85

" 'I wasn't in danger today,' I tell him in a choked voice. 'I escaped danger today.' " ~ Allyson, page 126

"Melanie arranges her face in sympathy. 'Oh, sweetie. It's because you were all hopped up on the fumes of infatuation. And Paris. But people don't change overnight. Especially you. You're Allyson. You're so solid. It's one of the things I love about you- how reliably you are.' " ~ Melanie, page 178

Why she's my Book BFF: 
Allyson is a rule-following good girl, just like me at 18. She finds just the right moment to take a risk, and lets a boy teach her how to get lost. Then she teaches herself how to get found. Her journey was my journey, once upon a time. I think it's the journey of every girl, if she's really living her life. She doesn't compromise her ideals, and she doesn't change for someone else; she just wants to be appreciated for who she is, and allowed to find her own way. Who could want more?


  1. I loved Allyson too, especially because she reminded me of myself, a too good girl. She was an inspiration that sometimes being "bad" is worth it.

  2. Keturah- I agree. We good girls have to remember not to sacrifice our own happiness in following the rules.


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