YEAHYA 2013 - Got Any Questions????

YEAHYA Harlequin Teen Author Fest 2013!!

 Do you have any questions you've been dying to pose to these authors?  Post them here in the comments!  We'll do our best to ask all of them on your behalf!  If some are repetitive -- we'll try to condense them into one question.  We'll post the answers on July 9th along with a review of the event -- and might include a few pictures too!

New York Times bestselling author of The Iron Fey and Blood of Eden series!
Author of the popular The Goddess Test series!
Author of the hit debut young adult contemporary series, Pushing the Limits!
Amanda Sun
Author of the newly released Paper Gods fantasy series!

Michelle Rowen
National bestselling author of several books including her newest YA paranormal series, the Nightwatchers!


Stay tuned!!!!