Book BFF: Rachel

Book BFF was created by Larks Andrea, Paula, and Jen to showcase some of our favorite ladies & was originally inspired by Book Boyfriend. We'd love it if you'd join us featuring your favorite Book BFFs and leaving links so we can check out your posts. We will be alternating between Book Boyfriends and Book BFFs on Thursdays. 

This week my Book BFF is Rachel from the Defiance series by C.J. Redwine.
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My ideal image of Rachel is difficult to pinpoint. I looked for an actress with naturally red hair, but didn't find a good fit. Get a good red rinse and some extensions, though, and Anna Kendrick would be great as Rachel.

Given name: Rachel 
Nickname: Oliver, a kindly uncle-type, calls her Rachel girl

* beautiful long red hair
* eyes that are expressive and lovely
* sculpted curves, with plenty in the chest area 
Facts about Rachel:
* She is orphaned at the beginning of book 1, when her father is declared legally dead.
* She is given over to the protectorship of her father's apprentice, Logan.
* Though she lives in an extremely patriarchal society, Rachel learns to fight, shoot and use a blade like a warrior. 
* She declared her love for Logan a couple of years ago. He rejected her.
* She is very direct and honest. 

" 'And what kind of woman do you think I am, Logan McEntire?' I snap right back at her. 'Confident. Strong. Capable. Stunning. An equal partner in this endeavor in every sense of the word.' " ~ Rachel and Logan, page 121

" 'You, on the other hand, are loyal to a fault. You won't scheme, manipulate, or betray. Not if it will cost you someone you love. . . No, you'll go to the ends of the Wasteland, do everything that's asked of you, ignore your own ethics and instincts, as long as you get to save the one you love.' " ~ The Commander, page 132

" 'You were this little wild girl with spirit, brains, and so much beauty it almost hurt to look at you.' " ~ Logan, page 171

Why she's my Book BFF: 
Her world is literally crumbling around her, yet Rachel marches on. Someone she loves is lost in the wilderness, and Rachel goes to find him. She defies explanation and description, time after time. Rachel, above all, is 100% about being true to who she really is, without pretense or apology. She will choose doing what is right over doing what is easy every single time. That's the kind of friend you want to have your back.


  1. I love this meme, might join in from next week on!

    Rachel is awesome! She's a fighter, she's loyal and she keeps on pushing her own feelings back to try and do what's right for the rest of the people!

    1. Please, join in- then let us know!
      I agree with your description. She's just the kind of friend we all want to have our backs.


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