Throwback Thursday: Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret

Throwback Thursday is a new feature at Reading Lark. We'll still be doing some Book Boyfriend posts and Book BFF posts on Thursdays as well, but the larks wanted a little variety on Thursdays. Throwback Thursday will allow us to celebrate some of the reads we loved way back when. . . 

Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret
By: Judy Blume
Release Date: 1970


I loved this book in that way that only a fifth grader can love a thing- dragging it around like Linus with his blanket, cuddling it, tucking it under my thigh at the dinner table. This is the first book I recall reading several times through. Thankfully I had my own copy, because if not, this would probably have been my first library fine- because I wasn't about to let it go. 

I don't remember a lot about the plot of this book- it's been SO long since I read it- but I do remember feeling very connected to the main character. I swore she was just! Like! Me!  She had questions about her religious beliefs, and she had crushes on boys, and she was dealing with the dreaded onset of impending womanhood. Margaret and I were on the same trajectory, dodging whatever stink-bombs life decided to lob our way, while simultaneously finding a still, balanced place within ourselves where we were learning to think like grown-ups. It was a time of becoming, and Margaret was able to walk that road right along beside me. 

I have no idea why I haven't yet shoved this book into the hands of my lovely daughters- but I think I need to remedy that this holiday season.

Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret
No one ever told Margaret Simon that eleven-going-on- twelve would be such a hard age. When her family moves to New Jersey, she has to adjust to life in the suburbs, a different school, and a whole new group of friends. Margaret knows she needs someone to talk to about growing up-and it's not long before she's found a solution.
Are you there God? It's me, Margaret. I can't wait until two o'clock God. That's when our dance starts. Do you think I'll get Philip Leroy for a partner? It's not so much that I like him as a person God, but as a boy he's very handsome. And I'd love to dance with him... just once or twice. Thank you God.


  1. I read this when I was little!! I have vivid memories of Margaret dealing with sanitary pads on belts with loops!!

    1. Oh gosh yes!!! Margaret was very much a part of my adolescent years! Coming from a time where we had to learn much of this stuff on our own...and in health class...I hung on every word in this book! What a blast from the past! Aside from the sanitary pads that required a belt with's still relevant even now! I wish I still had my copy. Almost tempted to look for a used one with this cover...because this is the one I read from! LOVE your Throwback, Paula! Memories....


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