Book Review: Rite of Rejection

Rite of Rejection (Acceptance #1)
Published By: Sarah Negovetich
Publication Date: December 4, 2014
Page Count: 320
Source: Kindly Provided by Author
Audience: Young Adult - Dystopian

Rite of Rejection is a wonderful new dystopian novel from debut author, Sarah Negovetich. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! 

 Rebecca is 16 years old and excited for Acceptance day when she will become an official member of society. However, when she steps up to The Machine, she is rejected and sent to the PIT. The Machine is able to predict those who will become criminals and rejects those members of society. Becca immediately boards the bus to the PIT and her life takes a complete turn for the worse. 

Becca meets and makes new friends in the PIT, as well as discovering some interesting things about The Machine, and the Cardinal, the leader of their society. There are several twists and turns in the book, as well as a cliff hanger ending, which is a great setup for the next book. 

 I really enjoyed this book. I liked Becca's character and how she grows through the many trials she endures in the book. It will be interesting to see what happens in the 2nd book. 

 A few things I was a little confused about. This society talks about having dance cards, and that women aren't taught any skills for work because they are expected to only cook and raise children. So as a society, did the Cardinal want them to go back to earlier social expectations? That was kind of an interesting thought and not one I agree with as a woman, but maybe that was the point - to have the Cardinal using old, outdated ideas. I hope this is something that will be addressed later in the series. 

 This book definitely held my interest and I even stayed up late a few nights reading it. I look forward to reading more from Sarah Negovetich!

"Before you stands the future."

Straight-laced, sixteen-year-old Rebecca can't wait for her Acceptance. A fancy ball, eligible bachelors, and her debut as an official member of society. Instead, the Machine rejects Rebecca. Labeled as a future criminal, she's shipped off to a life sentence in a lawless penal colony.

A life behind barbed-wire fences with the world's most dangerous people terrifies Rebecca. She reluctantly joins a band of misfit teens in a risky escape plan, complete with an accidental fiancé she's almost certain she can learn to love.

But freedom comes with a price. To escape a doomed future and prove her innocence, Rebecca must embrace the criminal within.


  1. I'm glad you loved this one. Unfortunately I didn't quite like it the way you did. I'm willing to read the next book though. Hoping there will be more information about The Acceptance.

  2. Awesome dystopian!

    It sounds like a plot which makes you root for characters.

    It's interesting you were linking the plot with women's rights and it's awesome there are larger themes explored by the plot!

    Lovely review :)

  3. I have heard some brilliant things about this book and in all honesty what I like most about it has to be the promise of it being a bit more a different dystopian!

  4. Sounds like another dystopian book worth reading!


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