Book Review: Trusting Liam

Trusting Liam (Taking Chances #2)
Published By: William Morrow
Publication Date: June 9, 2015
Page Count: 272
Source: ARC Kindly Provided by Publisher via Edelweiss
Audience: New Adult - Contemporary Romance

My heart has still not fully recovered from the emotional train wreck that is Taking Chances. With that being said, if you haven't read Taking Chances, then stop reading this review right now. Trusting Liam is well worth the read if you're a McAdams fan.

Liam Taylor is the biological son of Chase and Harper, but he has been raised by Brandon and Harper. The difficult circumstances surrounding Liam's birth have haunted him his entire life. He doesn't talk to anyone outside of his family about Chase and is constantly living in the Chase shaped hole that was left behind. As a result, Liam isn't really into relationships until he meets one girl in Vegas who has taken his thoughts hostage. The problem is he doesn't even know her name and she disappeared with the morning sun.

Kennedy Ryan, the daughter of Kash and Rachel from the Forgiving Lies Series, doesn't trust love. She's been hurt deeply and decides keeping guys at an arm's length is the best course of action. She has been trying to erase that one night in Vegas from her mind, but the handsome stranger won't let her loose. Her parents send Kennedy along with her twin sister, Kira, to live in California until an old threat dies down. 

Things begin to spiral out of control for Kennedy's comfort level when Liam is thrown back into her life. The two have to decide if they can make it beyond one perfect night to build a relationship that will last for the long haul. Both Kennedy and Liam are keeping secrets from their past. Can they overcome their pasts and the baggage that haunts them?

As with all McAdams novels, I was enamored with the romance. Kennedy and Liam's chemistry is palpable. I loved watching them navigate the currents of their relationship. McAdams has a way of creating characters that pull me into the story every single time. I love her work; she is an author I will drop everything to read.

It was also nice to see glimpses of characters I love like Brandon, Harper, Rachel, and Kash. It was a beautiful way to tie everything together. 

Trust is a huge issue in this novel. Both Kennedy and Liam must learn to trust their instincts and their hearts. There also is elements of trust in other relationships that play pivotal roles in the plot such as the one between Kennedy and Kira. I do have some major issue with Kennedy's twin sister. I'll be interested to see how others feel about Kira after reading this one.

Overall, I loved the time I spent in Liam and Kennedy's story. I was slightly disappointed that there wasn't more action and tension. Things seemed to happen a bit too easily aside from a few minor speed bumps. Liam and Kennedy have smooth sailing compared to their parents. Chase would be proud of the man Liam has become and that makes my heart ache a little less. Liam truly is the best of both Chase and Brandon.

One Last Gripe: The threat that sent Kennedy and Kira to California never felt scary to me. The girls didn't take it seriously.

My Favorite Thing About This Book: I loved seeing old favorites again and seeing how their children  grew up.

First Sentence: Cracking an eye open, I immediately shut it against the harsh light coming into the room and bit back a groan as I felt the pounding in my head.

Favorite Character: Kennedy

Least Favorite Character: Kira - she was whiny and selfish

When Kennedy Ryan moves to California, she never expects to come face-to-face with Liam Taylor—the intriguing man who has haunted her thoughts for a year. A man who led her to breaking every one of her rules for a single night of passion that ended up meaning more than it was ever supposed to. Accustomed to disastrous experiences with men, Kennedy shields herself before he can break down more of the carefully built control she’s clung to for the last four years. But every time she sees Liam, she feels her resolve weakening.

Liam Taylor has been asked to help socialize his boss’s nieces. But what he thinks sounds more like a babysitting job ends up leading him to the only girl who ever slipped away before morning—a girl he thought he’d never find again. And now that she’s within reach, Liam’s determined to never let her go.

But when a secret from her past tests their relationship, will they be able to cling to the trust Liam has worked so hard to build?


  1. Stopped reading as ordered, but not before pinning it. Must get to this one at some point.


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