Book Review: Come Back to Me

Come Back to Me
Published By: Simon Pulse
Publication Date: December 8, 2015
Page Count: 352
Source: ARC Kindly Provided by Publisher via Edelweiss
Audience: New Adult - Contemporary Romance

I haven't read an amazing romance novel in quite a while but Come Back to Me certainly fit that bill! It had danger, forbidden love, romance, heartbreak, loss, and even some resolution at the end. Add in an amazing Marine as the male love interest, what more could a woman ask for? 

 The prologue of the book leaves you with no doubt that the end of the book is going to be heartwrenching. It will rip it out of your chest and stuff it back in - make no mistake. However, I chose to press forward and I was dearly rewarded with a fantastic journey through Kit and Jessa's relationship. 

The novel begins at Jessa's 18th birthday party. Her 21-year-old brother Riley is there, home on leave from the Marines with his best friend and fellow Marine Kit. When Kit and Jessa begin talking, things are a bit awkward between them because it turns out they both are interested in each other. It seems they can both feel the tension, but Jessa's father hates Kit and his family, so Kit ends up leaving the party early. 

 That night, Kit comes back to see Jessa and they end up spending the night together - but not by having sex. Because Kit and Riley are only on leave for 30 days, Jessa and Kit's relationship builds very quickly. But it they do take things relatively slowly, all things considered. 

 Kit and Jessa keep their relationship a secret from everyone but Kit's father. Riley is Kit's best friend, but since he is Jessa's brother, Kit is fairly sure that Riley would throw punches first and ask questions later were he to find out Kit was interested in his sister. And Jessa and Riley's father already hates Kit, so keeping their relationship hush hush is a no brainier. 

 Jessa's father, Colonel Kingsley, has seen some pretty awful things in his military career. He suffers from PTSD, but refuses to acknowledge it. Therefore, his wife and his children have to tip toe around his moods. It's been awful for all 3 of them and has affected Jessa and her future. Kit's presence in her life has helped her to become a stronger person and stand up to her father. 

 Unfortunately, Riley and Kit do have to go back and in their next assignment they get sent to Afghanistan. In this we are taken back to the prologue of the book - "Kit. Riley. Which is it? Is Kit’s father here in his Dress Blues with his chaplain insignia to tell us that my brother has been killed in action or that his son—my boyfriend—has been killed in action?" 

 This part of the book was agony. I'll admit I cried a fair amount of tears for the Marine who was killed. It was a stark reminder of how much our military sacrifices for our freedoms. And I truly felt for the families in the book. 

 However with all the sadness, it did have a happy resolution. I'll admit, with the horrible way the Marine died, it was nice to have the end of the book tied up nicely. I don't know if my emotions could have handled a sad ending! 

 All in all, I highly recommend Come Back to Me if you're looking for a great romance, but willing to suffer as well. It's worth it! 

 On a personal note - this book was set in San Diego. I live in San Diego so I loved that I could picture exactly where it was taking place. 

 Content: Language & sex

In this heart-wrenching tale of love and loss, a young Marine and his best friend’s sister plunge into a forbidden love affair while he’s home on leave.

When a Marine Chaplain knocks on her door, Jessa’s heart breaks—someone she loves is dead. Killed in action, but is it Riley or Kit? Her brother or her boyfriend…

Three months earlier, Marine Kit Ryan finds himself back home on leave and dangerously drawn to his best friend Riley’s sister, Jessa—the one girl he can’t have. Exhausted from fighting his feelings, Kit finally gives in, and Jessa isn’t strong enough to resist diving headfirst into a passionate relationship.

But what was just supposed to be a summer romance develops into something far greater than either of them expected. Jessa’s finally found the man of her dreams and Kit’s finally discovered there’s someone he’d sacrifice everything for.

When it’s time for Kit to redeploy, neither one is ready to say goodbye. Jessa vows to wait for him and Kit promises to come home to her. No matter what.

But as Jessa stands waiting for the Marine Chaplain to break her heart, she can’t help but feel that Kit has broken his promise…

Riley or Kit? Kit or Riley? Her brother or her boyfriend? Who’s coming home to her?


  1. Thanks so much for the lovely review! I'm so happy you enjoyed the book
    Sarah aka Mila Gray x

  2. I'm glad you loved this book! I especially love the cover!

  3. I don't typically read books with straight-up sex in them. The cover looks awesome though!


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