Throwback Thursday: The Pigman


Throwback Thursday is a new feature at Reading Lark. We'll still be doing some Book Boyfriend Posts and Book BFF Posts on Thursdays as well, but the Larks wanted a little variety on Thursdays. Throwback Thursday will allow us to throwback to some of the reads we've loved -- whether it's a book reviewed last year, a book we hid under the covers to read as a teen, or a picture book from our childhood -- we hope you'll enjoy reliving the memories as much as we do!

The Pigman
By:Paul Zindel
Published: 1968


I have so much middle school love for this book! In 7th grade, when asked to choose an author to do a research project on, Paul Zindel was at the top of my list, largely due to this fantastic book. I felt remember feeling older while reading it, with high school students as protagonists and mystery that seemed more mature than Encyclopedia Brown (another of my book loves), I look back and identify this book as my transition from kid books to YA and adult novels. And I'm happy to say that it holds up almost 50 years later, and I listit among the options for book projects in my high school classroom.

Summary via Goodreads

When sophomores John and Lorraine played a practical joke a few months ago on a stranger named Angelo Pignati, they had no idea what they were starting. Virtually overnight, almost against their will, the two befriended the lonely old man; it wasn't long before they were more comfortable in his house than their own. But now Mr. Pignati is dead. And for John and Lorraine, the only way to find peace is to write down their friend's story - the story of the Pigman.