Teaser Tuesday: American Street & The Wish Granter

Nothing here is alive with color like in Haiti. The sun hides behind a concrete sky. I search the landscape for yellows, oranges, pinks, or turquoises like in my beloved Port-au-Prince. But God has painted this place only gray and brown. Only a thin white sheet of snow covers the burnt-out houses and buildings. The flakes seem to appear from out of nowhere, like an invisible hand sprinkling salt onto zombies.

~ American Street by Ibi Zoboi, Kindle Location 542 (ARC)

"Come to the kitchens tonight. It's dessert baking day, so there will be something special on the table." He dusted crumbs from his hands. "I'm fine. I don't like the kitchens." She threw her hands into the air. "Why not?" "Because there are people there." "Yes, there's also pie."

~ The Wish Granter (Ravenspire #2) by C.J. Redwine, Kindle Location 1537 (ARC)