Teaser Tuesday: Hunted & One Blood Ruby

Tonight there is hunger in the air. The forest waits for something. We pace, our steps stirring the early snows. Our frustration vents in growls and grunts.

~ Hunted by Meagan Spooner, Kindle Location 46 (ARC)

She wasn't concerned about him finding her beautiful in a prideful way. In truth, she was still in awe that he'd noticed her at all. When he looked at her, he was so focused, as if the world could end around them and he wouldn't even notice. Lily knew he saw her, not the Abernathy scion or the heir to the Hidden Throne. Creed saw her. And that was everything.

~ One Blood Ruby (Seven Black Diamonds #2) by Melissa Marr, Kindle Location 256 (ARC)


  1. OOoh nice! I am so excited for these two! Though I do still need to read Seven Black Diamonds still, but I loved Marr's books before so I suspect I'll love that one too! LOL!

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    Have a GREAT day!

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