Teaser Tuesday: Bears in the Streets

At one-thirty in the morning, 15 hours after leaving Vladivostok, my train pulled into Birobidzhan. Lugging my bags onto the platform, I looked up at the sight that had so surprised  me back in 1995: on the station building, the word BIROBIDZHAN was written not only in Russian, but in Yiddish too.

~ Bears in the Streets by Lisa Dickey, pg. 54


  1. Ooh new blog look! And oooh look at this text! Lol! Sorry! Liking the new changes!! Great teaser too! Very interesting! Totally new to me! Hope you enjoy the rest!

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    1. I am so glad you like our new look! We decided it was time for a makeover. :)

      This read is interesting and I'm learning a lot about Russia and its complexities.


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