Book BFF: Katla LeBlanc

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Katla LeBlanc from the Stork Series by Wendy Delsol

* Kat
* Ice (Jaelle's nickname for her)
* Kitty Kat (her dad's name for her)

* White Blonde Hair
* Blue Eyes
* Pale Skin
* Icelandic on her mother's side, French on her father's side

Facts About Katla:
* Kat is a Starbucks addict who favors grande nonfat caramel macchiatos
* She enjoys beaches and hot weather
* She moves to Norse Falls, Minnesota with her mother before her junior year of high school after her parents' divorce
* Girlfriend of Jack Snjosson
* One of the youngest Storks on record in the Icelandic Stork Society
* Loves fashion and often makes her own clothes
* Fashion editor for the high school newspaper
* Loyal to her family and friends
* Awesome sense of humor
* Her middle name is Gudrun
* She can recite pi to the twentieth place
* BFF to Penny Peturson

* "It's the grunge look." I posed for him, tapping the toe of my Doc Martens out to the side and displaying the full length of slash marks down the front of my baggy jeans. My chunky knit sweater with old leather buttons and its thumb holes at the base of the too-long sleeves hung mid thigh. ~ Katla, Frost - pg. 33

* "Katla, you are a very special girl. I never knew of one so young to be given these powers." ~ Hulda, Stork - pg. 18

* "Everything I've done ... what I'm about to do ... was to protect you, Leira, and others. Please remember that." ~ Katla to Jack, Flock - pg. 337

* Jack led me upstairs to my room, where we lay on my bed simply holding each other. Once I had calmed down and my nose was all snotted out and my face looked like a punching bag, he, rather diplomatically, segued into lighter subjects: my affinity for purple decor, my fondness for feather boas, and my overuse - in his opinion - of throw pillows. ~ Flock, pg. 208

* I puddled into Jack's arms and let my worries spool away from me ... We were stronger together. As if tapping my thoughts, Jack leaned down and kissed me. No matter what the future held, what our combined destinies triggered, we had each other. ~ Frost, pg. 375

Why She's My Book BFFs:

I have adored Katla from moment one. This series is one of my favorites; Katla is mainly responsible for that. She is spunky, loyal, and fun. Her sense of style amuses me. I was always interested to see what outfit she'd come up with next. She's also a girl after my own heart where Starbucks is concerned. I couldn't imagine living in a place that didn't have one. As it is, I'm still lamenting that I no longer live in the Seattle area where there was a Starbucks on virtually every corner. Our drinks do differ - I'm a vanilla chai and pumpkin spice latte girl. It would be fun to sit with Katla and drink our respective favorites as we discussed life. Furthermore, her relationship with Jack is truly swoon worthy and so sweet. She is the type of girl I wish that I had been in high school. I love that she is comfortable in her own skin and knows exactly who she is.