Book Review: The Rising

The Rising (Darkness Rising #3)
Published By: HarperCollins
Publication Date: April 2, 2013
Page Count: 406 
Source: Purchased by Reviewer
Audience: Young Adult - Paranormal

I adore Kelley Armstrong's writing. I cannot believe it took me so long to work the novel into my reading schedule. Sadly, novels I purchase often get put on the back burner to make room for ARC's and other novels sent by publishers. Every now and then, I have to pause and choose a novel to read simply because I want to read it. I have read and enjoyed the Darkest Powers series, but the Darkness Rising series is my favorite of the two. I can't get enough of the kids from Salmon Creek!

This installment was bittersweet since it marked the end of the trilogy. Its always difficult to say goodbye to settings, characters, and worlds that one has grown attached to through reading. I truly felt like Maya, Daniel, and Corey were my friends. They have been through so much since book #1 and I felt like I was experiencing everything right along with them. Armstrong's writing always pulls me into the moment. There is something captivating about her prose. I don't want to talk about the plot too much because it would spoil a lot of things. Just trust me and read this series if you haven't already. 

I had heard a rumor that the characters from the Darkest Powers trilogy would make an appearance in this one; I was giddy with excitement over this prospect. The rumor turned out to be true. I won't go into details about how these groups of characters end up meeting, but it was well done. I loved watching the different group dynamics mix.

Finally, I loved how Armstrong wrapped everything up. I felt like the Darkest Powers trilogy left so many unanswered questions. I didn't have that feeling at all with this one. In fact, many of my lingering issues about the previous trilogy were also resolved in The Rising. I was worried throughout the entire novel about how things would end up for Maya - especially where her heart was concerned. I won't tell you what happens (again, spoilers suck), but I will say that I was happy with the way things ended. I felt like the decision Maya makes was the realistic one. As sad as I am to leave these characters behind, I know I will revisit them in rereads. This isn't a series that I could only read once. The second time might even be better because I won't be stressing out over how things will end. In the meantime, I plan to try to work in more of Armstrong's work whenever my reading schedule allows for it. I love her stuff and the addicting worlds she creates.

One Last Gripe: I wish that there had been more time with the characters from the Darkest Powers series.

My Favorite Thing About This Book: I couldn't put this one down. I loved every minute.

First Sentence: I was running through the forest.

Favorite Character: Maya

Least Favorite Character: Nicole

Things are getting desperate for Maya and her friends. Hunted by the powerful St. Clouds and now a rival Cabal as well, they're quickly running out of places to hide. And with the whole world thinking they died in a helicopter crash, it's not like they can just go to the authorities for help.

All they have is the name and number of someone who might be able to give them a few answers. Answers to why they're so valuable, and why their supernatural powers are getting more and more out of control.

But Maya is unprepared for the truths that await her. And now, like it or not, she'll have to face down some demons from her past if she ever hopes to move on with her life. Because Maya can't keep running forever.

Old secrets are revealed and unexpected characters make a surprising return in this stunning conclusion to Kelley Armstrong's New York Timesbestselling Darkness Rising trilogy.