Book BFF: Dovey

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This week my Book BFF is Dovey from Servants of the Storm by Delilah S. Dawson.
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My ideal image of Dovey is the little girl from the Cheerios commercial, 10 years from now.

Given name: Billie Dove Greenwood
Nickname: Dovey

* golden skin
* hair is a frizzy tan
* apparently fairly average in height, weight, beauty

Facts about Dovey:
* She’s biracial; her mom is black and her dad is white
* She’s been on meds for the past year to help her deal with the trauma of Hurricane Josephine
* Soon after she stops taking her meds, she starts seeing some really weird stuff
* Her love for her best friend Carly is fierce
* She and Carly grew up hanging out with their buddy Baker

“You need to let sleeping dogs lie, girl. You look into the shadows long enough, something’s gonna start looking back.” ~ Old Murph

“. . . you still won’t quit. And you won’t listen. You are the most bullheaded girl I have ever met.” ~ Isaac

Why she's my Book BFF: 

Dovey is tough as nails, and as good a friend as you’re likely to find. She’s smart, she’s determined, and she’s got a sassy mouth that can’t help but be overly-honest. She believes in the power of a strategic act of bravery, and doesn’t let anything get in her way. If I had a friend like Dovey to have my back, I’d always know that things were going to be okay.