Book Review: Dark Debt

Dark Debt (Chicagoland Vampires #11)
Published By: NAL Trade
Publication Date: March 3, 2015
Page Count: 368
Source: Kindly Provided by Publisher
Audience: Adult - Urban Fantasy
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FYI - Chloe Neill is celebrating the release of DARK DEBT, the 11th Chicagoland Vampires novel, with a Cadogan Medal giveaway and swag contest:

Chicagoland Vampires is one of my favorite paranormal series EVER. I love the Chicago setting and the characters. Chloe Neill's take on supernatural beings never ceases to intrigue me. Dark Debt was so enjoyable that I polished it off in one day. (Thank goodness for snow days that allow me to stay home and read all day!) You must sink your teeth into this series if you haven't already and you're an urban fantasy fan.

Ethan and Merit have returned to Chicago after a less than restful vacation in Colorado. The two are eager to spend time with one another and get back into a normal routine, but things derail fairly quickly. I liked that Dark Debt hit the ground running and didn't let up until the last sentence. Like the other novels in the series, there is a vampire complication and a mystery that needs solving. Merit is the girl I'd want around to help solve crimes and track down bad guys. She not only is super smart, but she also knows how to use a sword and pack a punch. Seriously, I want to be Merit when I grow up.

The complication in Dark Debt centers around someone from Ethan's past. I won't go into details, but this character is seriously creepy. Merit is a target which you know means Ethan's fangs are coming out in force. I love when he gets all protective. I have also enjoyed watching the relationship between Merit and Ethan evolve.

I gravitated to the mystery in this one because it added a new layer to the Chicago supernatural scene. This time an organized crime group is pulling the strings and using vampires to do their dirty work. Vampire ninja assassins totally make an appearance. How could you not like a novel with that component?

In addition to the story being seeped in Chicago culture, I love the relationships between these characters. The romance and friendships keep me coming back for more. I also spent a large portion of time cracking up. I love the sense of humor that most of the characters have. Even the secondary characters like Catcher, Mallory, and Luc have earned a place on my favorites list.

Largely I love that even after 10 books, Neill still keeps me guessing. The pacing and plotting in this one are superb.

Dark Debt reminds me of why I fell in love with Merit's story. It was nice to move beyond the GP drama and get back to the Chicagoland of old. As always, I left this one craving more time in this world.

One Last Gripe: I miss Gabriel and the Pack.

Favorite Thing About This Book: The snark - oh, how I love it!

First Sentence: There were two seasons in Chicago: winter and construction.

Favorite Character: Merit

Least Favorite Character: Morgan - although he does grow on me a bit more by the end, I think I still judge him based on previous books

A vampire never gets old. But neither do his enemies. When a figure from Ethan's dark past makes a splashy debut in Chicago, Merit and her Master don't know whether he's friend or foe. But they'll have to figure out soon, because trouble is brewing in the Windy City. 

 At an exclusive society soiree attended by the upper echelons of the human and supernatural worlds, Merit and Ethan barely stop the assassination of a guest. When the target turns out to be a shady businessman with a criminal edge, Merit suspects a human vendetta. But the assassins have fangs.... 

The connections to Chicago's Houses go deeper than Merit knows, and even one wrong move could be her last....


  1. I've never heard of this series before! It sounds really up my alley, though, because I like books that keep me guessing. Otherwise I get bored and start skimming.


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